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We have policies to insure your safety, comfort and enjoyment.

Rules and Regulations

Homes are not to be rented or sublet.  Everyone owns their own home and they are to be owner occupied only

Rent is $346. per month ($356. for lake front). Rent includes water, sewer, garbage pick up & mowing lawn.

Pets are allowed.  Some Breed restrictions may apply. They must be kept on a leash when outside and the pet owner is responsible for cleaning up after their pet.

Although children do not live in Lakeview Estates, we are "child friendly" and always welcome their visits.

An application must be filled out and checked before a new resident can move in. (There is a $30. per person application fee US resident/$45. Canadian resident.)

Policy concerning visitors.

Visitors are allowed to stay no longer than 30 days. They must come to the office and introduce themselves so we will know that the new face belongs here.

Visitors must have a guest pass which can be obtained at the office. The charge is a $1.00 non-returnable fee per guest pass.

Visitors must park cars off the street but not on the grass. Residents are responsible for their visitors.

Golf Carts(Electric only) and Street Legal Motorcycles are allowed in the park.